Monthly Archives: December 2020

Benefits of CBD for Seniors | Blog | Modern Remedy

It’s been an incredible year to reconsider, reconnect and reevaluate. For decades, we’ve been hit with data on the benefits of rethinking the aging process. Laws mitigating the overuse of psychotropic drugs throughout nursing homes alone were enough for us to zoom out. Our communities are still evolving solutions-focused ideas to support seniors transitioning through health and […]

Can CBD for Pets Help With Pain Relief? | Blog | Modern Remedy

25% of dogs suffer from canine arthritis. And 100% of dog lovers hate seeing their pet in pain. Osteoarthritis is just one of many painful conditions causing pet owners to turn to CBD to help their furry friends achieve pain relief. With new research constantly emerging to explain the benefits that pet owners have seen with CBD, […]

CBD Full vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate: What’s the Difference? | Blog | Modern Remedy

One of the fastest-growing markets across the globe is CBD. Over the past decade (at least), CBD has hit the shelves and can hardly be kept in stock. It is used for its many health benefits and for overall wellness. The question most frequently asked is about the benefits and differences of CBD full vs. […]

Is CBD Legal? the Current a Future Legal Landscape | Blog | Modern Remedy

CBD is a quickly growing industry in the United States and worldwide. It boasts plenty of potential medicinal benefits for both physical and mental health and there’s more research done on it every day. But is CBD legal? Some people worry about the legality of CBD. Many have been misled to believe that it’s too […]

Can CBD Help My Immune System? | Blog | Modern Remedy

We all want the best for our immune health.  But should you choose a science-backed solution? Or a natural remedy? Why not both? CBD is new in the field of medical treatment, so new research about its health benefits is constantly emerging. So far, studies are yielding exciting results about this natural, plant-based compound.  But […]

CBD for Mental Clarity and Focus | Blog | Modern Remedy

From a survey of four thousand American adults, more than a quarter have tried CBD, and one in seven who have tried it also use it often for various conditions.  CBD usage is becoming more widespread and acceptable as time goes on. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, more scientists have been able to put […]

The Proven Benefits of CBD for Anxiety | Blog | Modern Remedy

A knife pressing against your ribcage as you breathe. A sluggish raincloud drizzling judgments on every word you say. A mental explosion that sends your thoughts flying in all directions. These are just a few of the ways that people with anxiety describe what it’s like. Feeling anxious doesn’t always mean you have a medical […]