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It’s 2 am, and you’re still tossing and turning wondering when your tired eyes will takeover and shut your brain off for the night. 

You’ve tried all of the tips and tricks for clearing your mind and getting better quality rest. Still, you find yourself stuck in the cycle of early morning bedtimes and exhausting afternoons.

If you’re ready to ditch these late-night occurrences and wake refreshed in the morning, it’s time to try your luck with CBD for sleep.

We’ve broken down the key causes for your insomnia and sleep struggles to understand how CBD oil can improve your quality of sleep. Follow along to find out how this sleep aid can help you take on the day with a more rested body. 

What Is CBD Oil?

The CBD oil used for sleep aids and topical products is made up of compounds that are derived from the cannabis plant. This particular compound, called cannabidiol, is blended with a carrier oil to adjust the strength of the extract and optimize its absorption ability. 

CBD however, is not the element of the cannabis plant that gives a ‘high’ effect. This compound is separate from THC, which binds to your receptors in an entirely different way. 

You can be confident that taking a CBD elixir for sleep won’t have you experiencing any psychoactive effects while you are dreaming the night away. 

What Causes Sleep Interruptions

Before we can tackle how you can use CBD for insomnia or other sleep disruptions, while a racing mind can keep you awake, there are a few other external factors to take into account in the race for a good night’s sleep.

Anxiety and Depression

These conditions affect the way your brain communicates and receives signals. This can cause difficulties falling asleep and remaining in a restful state. 

Many sufferers of anxiety and depression face early waking times or can’t calm their minds due to a level of fear associated with resting. Conditions like sleep apnea can cause patients to become afraid of sleeping because they tend to stop breathing throughout the night. 


Some prescribed medications can impact the body’s secretion of hormones that the brain uses to tell the rest of your body; it’s time to rest. 

These medications may be necessary for managing other health-related issues, but the lack of sleep they cause can be a serious risk to your body’s functions.

Chronic Pain or Restless Legs

Restless leg syndrome is an uncomfortable condition where your muscles are not able to relax at night. You will experience a series of muscle spasms and strange sensations that make it difficult to lie still and even sleep. 

Other conditions like arthritis or nerve pain can cause chronic pain that continually wakes you up or prevents you from getting into a rested state to start with.

Noise and Discomfort

Of course, the surroundings in which you are sleeping can have a large impact on your sleep patterns as well. 

Constant noises jolt you out of sleep and prevent the mind from shutting down. Aside from these mystery sounds, an uncomfortable sleeping position or stiff mattress can have you waking up due to sore muscles and tension. 

CBD for Sleep

Now that you understand what could be keeping you up at night, let’s take a closer look at how cannabidiol can address these issues.

Since anxiety and depression are a contributing factor to rest, researchers dove into this topic to discover the impacts of CBD on anxiety. The study revealed that 79.2% of test subjects experienced lower anxiety levels after being administered 25 mg of CBD for one month.

With over 66% of these patients reporting a better quality of sleep, a definite connection was formed between the effects of CBD for insomnia. 

CBD oil is also associated with the body’s ability to relax and let go of muscle tension and pain. While there is still more testing needed on the subject, researchers are gaining confidence in cannabinoid’s ability to reduce symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation. 

With less painful periods and a more overall relaxed state, your body stands a better chance at making it through the night without any unwelcomed interruptions. 

Dream Elixir CBD

Modern Remedy’s Dream Elixer formula was designed with these key elements in mind.

The easy to swallow capsules contain 750 MG full-spectrum hemp oil for a high-quality, THC-compliant cannabidiol product. To amplify the undeniable benefits of CBD for sleep, our formula features proven ingredients to assist with a restful night. 

You’ll never have to choose between CBD or melatonin for sleep again. With melatonin, valerian root, and lemon balm, we’ve thought of everything to ensure the best results possible. 

Melatonin for Sleep

Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone. It acts as a messenger to let the brain and body know it’s time for rest. The body naturally secretes this hormone, but elements like light from screens or stress can cause a decrease in its production.

Introducing melatonin to your system before bed is an excellent way to mimic the body’s natural hormone response. This will help promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

Valerian Root

This ingredient is specifically formulated for sleep disorders, including insomnia. When taken orally, valerian root can serve to aid in the reduction of anxiety and psychological stress.

This can serve to break down those fears associated with rest and assist CBD for sleep apnea to work its magic.

Lemon Balm

Appropriate for topical or digestive use, lemon balm works to calm the body and mind and relieve stress. 

Many ancient medicinal practices utilize this ingredient in tea form and recommend use before bed as it can aid in sleep and digestive functions. This added bonus will eliminate interruptions due to indigestion through the night.

CBD and Melatonin for Sleep

From the benefits of CBD for sleep to the hormone triggering abilities of melatonin, our Dream Elixir is guaranteed to have you waking more refreshed after a peaceful night’s rest.

Ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights and constant waking? Pick up your bottle of our specially formulated capsules and drift way into a long-awaited dreamland.  

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