Does CBD Affect Women Differently Than Men?

Does CBD Affect Women Differently Than Men?

According to a Gallup poll from 2019 that looked at CBD use in America, women are more likely than men to use the cannabinoid for anxiety. At the same time, men are more likely than women to use CBD to help them sleep.

The Farm Bill that legalized CBD at the federal level was only passed in 2018. For this reason, it’s important to understand that the world of research into the benefits of CBD is still in its infancy. That being said, there have been some studies that have found that there are differing effects for women and men when it comes to CBD use.

Are you wondering about CBD effects and how they might impact women and men differently?

Let’s take a look at what researchers have found so far on this topic.

Does CBD Affect Women Differently Than Men?

The world of CBD research is still young. However, early clinical studies have found that there might be a difference in the way that CBD oil affects women versus the way it affects men.

One of the factors that are thought to influence these different CBD oil effects is the estrogen levels in women. The strength and effect of CBD can be directly influenced by a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is thought that women are more sensitive to CBD when hormone levels peak one or two days before ovulation.

Estrogen is a hormone that can impact everything from libido, cycle, and mood. Some CBD proponents believe that the cannabinoid can have a positive effect on all three of these.

One study suggested that the effects of cannabis are felt more intensely than women. However, this study looked at the effects of cannabis without distinguishing between THC and CBD.

The Endocannabinoid System and Gender

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system whether or not they have ever used any cannabis products. This is a biological system made up of receptors, enzymes, and molecules known as endocannabinoids. This system helps the body achieve homeostasis. It influences countless vital functions in the body including:

  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Reproduction

There is some research that points to the idea that men and women might have differences in their endocannabinoid systems. If this turns out to be true, it could help explain why cannabinoids in general and CBD specifically might impact women differently than they impact men.

A study from January 2019 found that males have a greater concentration of CB1 receptors than females. However, throughout the stages of the reproductive process, females show a wider variation in CB1 receptor expression. This is thought to be attributed to changes in hormone levels.

It is also thought that the CB1 and CB2 receptors in males and females might respond differently to otherwise equivalent circumstances. One animal study, for example, found that the inhibition of pain by delta-9-THC was mitigated by both CB1 and CB2 receptors in females while only mitigated by CB1 receptors in males.

Women and CBD: Effects on Anxiety and Tension

The Observational Anxiety Study on Inflammation and Stress (OASIS) looked at the way that men and women respond to cannabis in terms of anxiety. The study looked at three different groups of cannabis users: one that used CBD, one that used THC, and one that used an equal ratio of both.

All three groups displayed a significant decrease in symptoms of anxiety after four weeks. However, the anxiety symptom reduction was strongest in the group that used CBD alone.

When the group of CBD users was divided by sex, it was found that women had a greater reduction in anxiety symptoms than men. Before using CBD, their anxiety level was higher to start with and CBD seemed to bring greater relief to them than it did to male participants.

After two weeks of the study, anxiety levels in the female participants continued to drop, while the males’ levels stayed relatively stable.

This study also found that CBD alone was much more successful at reducing tension than the even 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. After the trial, the THC-only group showed an increased level of tension.

There was also a sex difference when looking at the impact that these cannabinoids had on tension for men and women. The male group that used CBD had higher levels of post-use tension and anxiety, while the female group of CBD users had little to no post-use tension and anxiety.

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CBD Effects and Sex: Knowledge Is Power!

There is so much more for us to learn about CBD in particular and cannabinoids in general. In the coming years and decades, we can expect to learn more about the way that these active compounds from the cannabis plant interact with the human body. On top of that, we will hopefully learn more about how gender and CBD effects are related.

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