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Our mission is to bring evidence-based, natural nutrition, to a world that is filled with the abuse of synthetic medicine. Modern Remedy’s ingredients combine innovations in hemp-derivative research and proven natural ingredients. 

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Leveraging Thousands of Years of Evidence

Premium Hemp Extracts

Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum CBD creates an entourage effect, allowing hemp-derived cannabinoids to affect your endocannabinoid system, resulting in the greatest level of health potential.

Medical Panel Reviewed

All of our products, and their individual ingredients, are tested and evaluated by our national medical review board for efficacy and health benefits.

Ingredient Synergy

Combining the entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD with proven natural ingredient synergies, results in maximum absorption and effectiveness potential.

Natural Ingredients

We believe that effective health has thousands of years of history to back up its capabilities and potential. That’s why we only work with natural ingredients that are proven in both categories.

Backed by Science

Every ingredient we include in our products is backed by extensive research, both as isolated ingredients and ingredient synergy that can exponentially multiply effectiveness.

Compliance Guarantee

All of our products are backed by independently tested labs and Certificates of Authenticity (COA’s), ensuring that the products you receive are in full federal compliance.

Relief at last!

My wife injured her foot & for a few days & nights it was so painful she was unable to sleep. I mentioned to her that Modern Remedy had a CBD product for pain. She applied the salve and had her first night of good rest. Also, the pain had subsided… Relief at last thanks to Modern Remedy!

-Dr. R.

Wake Up Refreshed…

I am not a person who has trouble falling asleep, but I do have problems staying asleep. I used to take over the counter sleep/pain aids but many times I would still wake up during the night, I also hated how groggy I would always feel the next morning. I started taking the Dream Elixir sleep aid a few months ago and I feel confident when I take one that not only will I sleep through the night, but I will wake up refreshed and without the groggy feeling of other sleep aids. As an added benefit my normal morning joint pain always seems to be less when I take the Dream Elixir, even on the coldest of mornings.


Anxiety Disorder…

I have a friend who asked for help with a parent who is in her mid-seventies whose doctor had put her on an antianxiety medication. This is not only a highly addictive medication, but is contraindicated for someone that age. Her mom has a very bad anxiety disorder. So I slowly weaned her off the ativan and increased the Modern Remedy Serenity Elixir. The great thing about CBD is that you can take as much as you need until you get a therapeutic effect. Her mom is now totally off the ativan and takes the  Serenity Elixir twice a day and adds more in between doses as needed. 


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