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Can CBD Help a Hangover?

Bottles of alcohol

Can CBD Help a Hangover? We’ve all been there. Whether it was one too many glasses of wine after dinner or you’re recovering from your college friend’s extravagant wedding party, hangovers are pretty much the worst. In a study that involved having participants consume alcohol to the point of moderate intoxication, it was found that […]

Benefits of CBD for Seniors | Blog | Modern Remedy

It’s been an incredible year to reconsider, reconnect and reevaluate. For decades, we’ve been hit with data on the benefits of rethinking the aging process. Laws mitigating the overuse of psychotropic drugs throughout nursing homes alone were enough for us to zoom out. Our communities are still evolving solutions-focused ideas to support seniors transitioning through health and […]

Can CBD Help My Immune System? | Blog | Modern Remedy

We all want the best for our immune health.  But should you choose a science-backed solution? Or a natural remedy? Why not both? CBD is new in the field of medical treatment, so new research about its health benefits is constantly emerging. So far, studies are yielding exciting results about this natural, plant-based compound.  But […]