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Benefits of CBD for Seniors | Blog | Modern Remedy

It’s been an incredible year to reconsider, reconnect and reevaluate. For decades, we’ve been hit with data on the benefits of rethinking the aging process. Laws mitigating the overuse of psychotropic drugs throughout nursing homes alone were enough for us to zoom out. Our communities are still evolving solutions-focused ideas to support seniors transitioning through health and […]

Can CBD for Pets Help With Pain Relief? | Blog | Modern Remedy

25% of dogs suffer from canine arthritis. And 100% of dog lovers hate seeing their pet in pain. Osteoarthritis is just one of many painful conditions causing pet owners to turn to CBD to help their furry friends achieve pain relief. With new research constantly emerging to explain the benefits that pet owners have seen with CBD, […]

CBD Salve for Pain: Our Favorite Solution | Blog | Modern Remedy

Have you considered trying CBD salve for pain? In America, 50 million people suffer from chronic pain. That’s one-fifth of the population struggling with irritating and inconvenient aches and pains. With numbers like this, it’s safe to say you aren’t alone in your search for pain relief. You’ve probably tried it all, from prescription medications to fancy […]